Thursday, September 17, 2020

Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic is proudly hosted by

sirocco golf club

Golf Classic Information

FAB Events Inc. would like to welcome you all to the 2nd Annual Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic!

We hope that you are prepared for a slightly unique experience at this Golf Classic, as we are fully prepared to offer up an exciting morning/afternoon of golf, great food, cold beverages, entertainment…all in under 6.5 hours! Yes that’s right, we plan to have you golf, eat, drink, entertained, awarded and on your way in 6.5 hours!

As organizers for many types and styles of events, we often have a chance to sit back and see what works, what doesn’t and what can be altered to make it more enjoyable for all those that take time out of their busy schedules to participate in events such as the Golf Classic.

We also realize and understand that events such as this are becoming a dime a dozen and almost everyone gets asked to take part in a Tournament three or four times a year, hence the reason why we want to make things more streamlined and even more importantly affordable for everyone. The bang for your buck on this Golf Classic will hopefully have you signing up for year 2 and coming back for year 3!

We thank you in advance for your interest in supporting the 2nd Annual Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic!

We look forward to seeing you at Sirocco Golf Club on Thursday, September 17, 2020!

Golfer Fees

100 golfers only... So don't delay!

Individual Golfer - $250 (plus GST)
Foursome - $1000 (plus GST)

(Please note that all Sponsorship options include Foursomes)
  • 18 holes of golf
  • Power cart
  • Drive-thru breakfast
  • BBQ (cocktail style) lunch
  • On-course food holes
  • On-course beverage holes
  • Sponsor sampling holes
  • Golfer gift
  • 14 skill holes
  • 4 hole-in-ones
  • Putting contest
  • Chipping contest
  • Complimentary driving range
  • Live entertainment
  • Online Silent auction
  • Photographer tent (Team Photos)
  • Optional purchase at Sirocco Golf Club: Golfer package (50/50 draw, mystery box, raffle draw & accommodation draw)


Sponsorship Levels

Title Sponsor - $10,000


  • 4 Foursomes (Starting Hole #1 & #2)
  • VIP Seating (BBQ)
  • Company Logo on Golf Classic Website
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Media
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Digital Media
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Print/Promotional Materials
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Signage
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Banners
  • Company Logo on all Volunteer Shirts
  • Company Logo on Golf Classic Event Program
  • Company Logo on all Golf Classic Golf Carts

rules & regulations

  • Teams of 4
  • Team Handicap must be a minimum of 40
  • Maximum of 1 golfer with under 6 Handicap
  • Team Registration Form must be required by Thursday, September 10th, 2020


  • 8:30 AM – 9:40 AM – Registration Check In, Driving Range, Putting Green
  • 9:40 AM – 9:45 AM – Golfers to Carts
  • 9:45 AM – 9:50 AM – Welcome Remarks
  • 9:50 AM – 10:00 AM – Drive-Thru Breakfast, Golfers to Holes
  • 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM – Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic, On-course Food/Beverage, On-course Skill Holes
  • 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM – Cocktails, BBQ Lunch, Entertainment, Prizes/Awards

Join us on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at Sirocco Golf Club for 6.5 hours of golf, food, beverages, entertainment, contests, prizing, awards and much more! If you are like us, we tend to shy away from playing in tournaments as we know they will last 9+ hours from start to finish.

The 2nd Annual Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic will be played in less than 6.5 hours, but you still receive all the great elements that top notch golf tournaments usually have. Your registration fee includes 18 holes of golf at a beautiful golf course, power cart, driving range, practice putting and chipping green, drive-thru breakfast on the way out to your starting hole, bag piper to serenade you as you drive off in your carts, 14 skill contests, 4 hole-in-one contests (cash & vehicles), chipping contest, putting contest, 6 food and beverage holes, live post golf entertainment, Cocktail style BBQ (social distancing), NO long drawn out speeches, prizing, awards…home!

Net proceeds from this event will be in support of Amateur Sports in Calgary!

Each golfer will be given a ballot in which you will check off the charitable organization that you would like to see supported by the Golf Classic. There will be four very worthy organizations that you will have to chose from!

There are numerous ways to get involved with the Golf Classic…


With every sponsorship level, you will receive at least 1 foursome to golf. The higher level of sponsorship…the more foursomes you will receive!


Individual and Foursome options available


Not big into golf? Have office staff that would like to get out for the day? Wanting to work on your tan? We always need great volunteers to help us out!



FAB Events Inc. is a full service event coordination company based in Calgary, Alberta. We work with a variety of clients who require professional special event production for sporting activities, charity events, galas, cocktail receptions, seasonal events (Christmas, New Years, Halloween etc.), award ceremonies, team building activities and fundraisers. We also provide event production services to clients seeking professional event planning for private functions; including weddings, garden parties, reunions and family celebrations. Our events are meticulously planned and executed.

FAB Events Inc. was created after numerous family and friends kept asking us when we would branch out and start our own events company. So after 25 successful years of developing, coordinating, promoting and managing events across Canada for 3 Calgary organizations (Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation & The Forzani Group Foundation) we did it!

The name of the company was a simple decision… FAB Events Inc. which is the initials of my Grandpa. Frank Alexander Birss was a thoughtful, caring, considerate, respectful person to all that had the pleasure of meeting him.

Events such as the Becel Ride for Heart, Ski Show, Cheerios Mother Daughter Walk (Calgary & Edmonton), Investors Group Skate For Heart, $10,000,000 Hole-in-One (Calgary & Montreal), Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run, Walk & Ride (Vancouver, Vernon, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal & Halifax), Golf Show, Calgary Stampeder Golf Classic, Crystal Gala, Forzani Ironman Golf Invitational, Calgary Stampeder Wall of Fame Dinner, Bow Valley Hockey Gala, University Eye Foundation Golf Classic…and our most recent events such as the Essex Lease Financial Corporation Father’s Day Run & Walk, Essex Lease Financial Corporation Wild West Breakfast, Tesla Alberta Appreciation BBQ have allowed us the opportunity to excel in many forms of event planning.


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Will Bill
Rocky View Brewing
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Common Crown Brewing Co.
Craft Beer Market
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Sleeman Breweries


The 2nd Annual Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic requires numerous volunteers in order to make this event a tremendous success! We have several opportunities to get involved!

We thank you for taking the time to help us on Thursday, September 17th, 2020!

Volunteer questions or concerns can be submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator at


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